Ultrasonic non-contact measuring System OVHWizard is DB-certified for non-contact detection of hight and stagger of the contact wire


The OVHWizard is a mobile, non-tactile contacts wire measuring system for determining the contact wire height and side position as well as an assessment of the tendency of the contact wire to wear. The system operates with ultrasound according to the principle of runtime measurement, its weight of only about 4 kg makes it easy to handle and it can be installed on any vehicle roof in just a few simple steps. A simple RS232 connection to the PC or Laptop enables communication with the measuring software.


Power is supplied to the OVHWizard by the integrated batteries so that no other power supply needs to be provided or wired for the measuring instrument on the vehicle roof.

Developed in conjunction with the Siemens AG FMA software allows evaluation of the deviations at the poles and at each hanger to the target data (basic data) and the calculation of the allowable wind stripping. Where data are available for track position, they are included in the calculation. The system can be installed on rail trolleys, two-way vehicles, MTWs and track-laying machines. An optional camera records each measurement value on an image of the overhead line.

Since 2010, the system has a DB-approval for use on two-way vehicles.


In 2011 the system received the approval of the ÖBB.

OVHWizard in operation in Gotthard base tunnel

OVHWizard measures conductor rail


OVHWizard is