Basic data
These are the positions of the poles specified by the drawing or geodetic measurement and the height and stagger of the contact wire at these points, e.g. on the pole or on the dropper. The current measurement is compared with these.
Change of inclination
When a bend enters a bend in the opposite direction directly, a change of inclination takes place in the transition between the two bends.
Clearance can be understood as a given virtual profile above the rail in which the train may move with its body and superstructure.
If the OVHWizard is mounted on a carrier vehicle, e.g. two-way vehicle, railway vehicle, trolley or similar which moves in the track itself due to track play or suspension of the vehicle, this movement must be compensated by suitable sensors because these errors could otherwise influence the measuring result directly or indirectly.
Contact wire position
This is the contact wire position measured without touching of the contact wire. This is only possible with a non-contact measuring system.
Curve refers to the track radius. This is required for calculating the contact wire position.


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OVHWizard measures conductor rail


OVHWizard is